Monday, June 30, 2008

Denim jacket rediscovered

After viewing my yesterdays post, I decided that i hated my outfit. I love this black floral dress but i feel as if i didn't do it justice in my previous outfit. Maybe it was just the picture i don't know. Rather than just delete the post entirely as I wanted to do, I set out to correct myself. Its proven to be very versatile. The thin fabric allows me to wear it as a blouse or dress. So here it is
P.S It looks really short because of my pose

The skirt in this is actually an awkward tube top from wet seal. When i tried it on as skirt in the dressing room i remember noticing 3 tacky sales employees staring at me whispering and giggling. Finally one walked over and rudely tried to inform me that it was a top like it was something i didnt already know...... annoying

I love this denim jacket! I like the fit as well as the zipper. I will be more creative with it later. And to think i almost threw it out...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

june 30th

Thrifted it all

Just an easy outfit. My hair is a mess as usual. It was so nice out today i considered biking to work... but didn't. I need to get more exercise. Ive become so lazy this summer. I have tennis 3 times a week but i neglect to go well most of the time.
I'm really exited to go thrift/antique shopping tomorrow. I'm really feelin earth tones lately so Im hoping to find
- oxford cutouts
- jazz shoes
-mens pullover sweaters in some kind of neutral tone
-oversized blazer
- paintings for my room
- cute antique trinkets also for my room

I just placed to online orders from f21 and gojane. Once they come i should have alot more outfit posts.

Monday, June 23, 2008


So i pretty much based the outfit off of these shoes.

This was was worn when the day was at its hottest.

As it got chilly i put on this useless maroon sweater

At night i wore the teal jacket. The croshayed (spelling?) belt was originally meant to be a warm heavy scarf but I am a very slow croshayer. I got lazy and stopped halfway and decided to wear it as a cute belt.

tank- target
skirt- thrifted
jacket- thrifted
necklace- vintage
belt- croshayed by me
shoes- ninewest

Anyone know how to spell croshay?

Today we had a campfire by the lake which led to ALOT more mosquito bites. I love how at night you can speak in a normal voice and be heard all the way across the lake. My sister and I had a conversation in the dark with strangers from the other side. Shouting was not necessary. It was pretty funny actually.

I'm VERY exited because Stephen (boyfriend) is on his way to visit me! He lives 6 hours away in Wisconsin. I probably wont post for the rest of the week because i will be busy spending time with him... Not that I would anyways

Friday, June 20, 2008

Lousy blogger me

I realize I'm a lousy blogger- averaging about one post a week. Even though my closet has well outgrown itself, I feel as if i never have anything to wear. I cannot wait for my paycheck tuesday.
It will be spent on
- Vet visit for kitten
shots = expensive
- forever21 online purchase
I'd like to make a collage of my order if i can figure out how
- perhaps a few more movies to add to my collection?
see below

So this is an outfit from last week. Not one of my favorites but whatev. I'm actually liking the ugly leaf print on the top.

Clothes- goodwill
belt- secondhand
bag- urbn
shoes- f21

Did i mention that I'm starting a new movie collection? Well i love renting movies. Its how i spend a lot of my free time. We have netflix which is amazing but my mom clogs our queue with weird exercise videos (Booty ballet) and movies for my sisters (dora, carebear, ext). I also love rewatching movies and i hate returning them.
I went to walmart and discovered a huge jumble of movies for 5 dollars each. It took me a while to sift through them all but i found some good ones.

-In the collection- Traffic, Thelma and Louis, Dirty Dancing, Borat, Thin Red Line, Waitress

Monday, June 16, 2008

Dont tell mom

So i got a new kitten. Originally I planned on keeping her a secret. My room is in the dungeon basement of my house which my parents rarely visit, so i thought it wouldn't be that difficult.

Well after many close encounters by my mom, it proved to be harder than i expected. I figured id better come clean. Well i already have 2 cats and a dog so i wasn't expecting them to let me keep her.

Naturally, as i prepared myself for disappointment, i began to cry. As i approached my dad (kitten in hand) i decided i must lie to keep the cat. So thats what i did.

I told them i found it abandoned on the side of the road in a box. Ridiculous i know but its just what came out. I told them a heartless farmer probably had too many cats and had to get rid of her.

Well they bought it at first until my obnoxious sister started questioning me and i gave some faulty answers. I am not a good liar. Now they no longer believe my story. If i confess i will be in a very large amount of trouble for lying. This is the kind of stuff i get myself into.

Its current home is still being debated on by the parents. Shes adorable and im really hoping to keep her because i'm completely in love with her. Cross your fingers for me!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Closet Cleanout

- So now that everyone is bringing out their fringe bags, heres my version. I love the long strap, the soft leather and also the fact that it was $1.

dress- old pencil skirt from wetseal
blazer- thrifted
belt- thrifted
socks- 25 cents walmart
shoes f21
tights urbn
bag- thrifted

-I'm embarrassed as to how many wetseal clothes i have. They were all bought before i became interested in fashion. Everyonce in a while i will find one useful. Thank goodness, today i finally got around to ridding my closet of all hollister/abercrombie filth from my earlier years. Ok so yea i used to faithfully shop there up until... about last year. I gave them all to my sister who was estatic to recieve a whole black garbage bag full of new clothes... ick.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

To Accessorize?

-This has been an ongoing question lately. I cannot decide whens enough. Feel free to drop your opinions on this matter.
-I picked up this blazer today (along with another similar one) at the salvation army. It was buy one get one free for a total of 3.00!

blazer- thrifted (little boys section)
vneck- alloy
belt- my dads
jeans- Arizona
heels- f21
scarf- vintage
bag- thrifted (liz claiborne)
boots- thrifted
Skirt worn as dress- unknown
top- urbn
scarf- vintage
belt- dads
tights- urbn

Sunday, June 1, 2008


-Im having difficulties taking photos of myself. I can never seem to get a full body shot that includes my shoes. This is i will work on.
-Got up early this morning to babysit my little sisters (4 and 2) . We had a picnic at the park but didnt stay long due to the heat (high 70s). This is considered hot in northern minnesota. I love the warm weather but my little sisters are more accustomed to the below freezing temperatures.

Mens sweater- thrifted
shorts- alloy
bag- thrifted
Scarf- vintage