Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Anthem of a 17 year old girl

I was up until 5 in the morning attempting to study.

To scared to pull an all nighter so i went to bed and set my alarm for 6.

Alarm rang, me being a tired zombie turned it off (why??!)

Slept in until 12 and missed my final.


This year i schedualed my earliest class at 10 so i could sleep longer. I go to bed very late- past 2 usually. I cannot handle getting up early. When that annoying beep goes off from the alarm my brain says "Turn off that disrupting noise", so i do. It does not realize that "that disrupting noise" happens to be an alarm whose purpose is to wake me up. I dont realize what im doing when i turn it off and i can barely ever remember doing it. This is a problem

Plans for Future

I dont want to work hard. I cant do school and dont know how I'll survive anymore college. I know, not going is not an option for me. I just wish i didnt have to. I'd rather just move to Hawii and live for a while. But then how will i get money to buy stuff? All i feel like i'd get out of college is a boring job working in a office for a old man boss which = NIGHTMARE

All i want to do is open a thrift store in chicago or paris
and live life