Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm not going to school today

I will start my own thrift store- oh sorry, i meant to say "preloved recycled clothing"store . Its gonna happen. I'm now throwing these on my christmas list. I can see them becoming my go-to bible during the overwhelming success of my buisness. Now excuse me for a moment as I stare off into space for a brief daydream......

books from amazon
(returns 2 minutes later)
I lost the charger to my camera so i havent been able to do any outfit shots :( which makes me sad for the sake of myself not you. This whole blog is really for my own self enjoyement. I mean i do love getting comments and readers, but really its not the main reason i have this blog. Its just something that i like and its much more expressive than simply writing in a diary like i used to.

I like to put outfit photos up, just to document my style and remember what I've worn. It helps me put more creativity into my outfits by being able to view them from an outside perpective on my blog.


Casey said...

I often dream of driving around the country in a VW van and buying tons of vintage stuff at country swap meets and garage sales and then opening a cute little vintage shop.

Anonymous said...

love this,
your posts are brilliant :)